Emergency Treatment

Emergency Treatment- New Patients

We attempt to schedule new patients with an emergency situation as soon as our schedule allows taking into consideration the problem’s urgency.  If time is limited, a work-in appointment can diagnose a problem and offer a temporary solution for patient comfort until our schedule affords ample time for full treatment.  Keep in mind that a new patient entering our practice requires considerable more time to establish records, diagnose and treat in a first appointment situation.   For that reason working a new patient into our schedule must be done at a time that fits into our existing schedule for same day or next day appointments.  We are not an emergency practice, but welcome the opportunity to accommodate you and your needs for emergencies.

Once an emergency situation is resolved we will expect you to schedule a new patient comprehensive exam appointment so we can work together to establish a plan to prevent unnecessary pain and suffering in the future, improve your overall health and save you time and money.  For more information see “For New Patients, Comprehensive Examination”.