Appointment Commitment

An appointment in our schedule is a bond of trust that we share together—that we will be here to serve our patient, on time, at their appointed time and the patient will be present for scheduled treatment.  Should it be necessary to reschedule an appointment, except in cases of emergencies, we need a full 24 hour notice as ample time to contact another patient to fill a cancellation.  In order for us to remain on schedule for all of our patients we ask that patients be on time or early for appointments.  Patients who arrive late may be rescheduled if we are not able to accommodate them in our schedule.  We do not “overbook” to allow for broken appointment time so a missed appointment time without notice is unproductive for our office.  Patients who habitually miss or reschedule appointments without proper notice may be charged for the lost appointment time or possibly not given any further appointment opportunities in our office.