Comprehensive Exam

The purpose of our comprehensive exam is to initiate a relationship between the patient and Dr. Foust.  Together they will establish and set goals for a plan to achieve optimum health for the patient.  This is accomplished by diagnosing any oral disease present and/or health problems that need to be addressed. This type of examination provides Dr. Foust with the information he needs to accurately complete a treatment plan to discuss with the patient.

A typical comprehensive examination may consist of all or part of the following services depending on the degree of difficulty of the oral condition and patient requests.

  • Patient/Doctor discussion (purpose for entering the practice & goal clarification)
  • Health and Dental history (review & interview)
  • Blood Pressure (vital signs)
  • Clinical Examination
-Condition of the teeth & existing fillings or dental restorations with decay exam
-Periodontal examination (determines health of the gums & supporting structures)
-Oral Cancer Screening (soft tissue exam)
-Preliminary examination of TMJ/ jaw joints
-Photographs of the teeth & smile
  • X-Rays (based on the patient’s condition & needs)
  • Study Models (plaster molds of the teeth)

Upon completion of the comprehensive exam appointment we will schedule a Review of Findings (ROF) for complex cases at no additional charge.  At this appointment a written individualized treatment plan will be presented that includes any available options. We will explain the plan, answer all questions and address any concerns.  The patient is provided a written copy to take home with treatment procedures and the cost estimates.  For patients with minimal issues we may elect, if time allows, to do the review at the end of the examination appointment.