Denture Prosthesis

Conventional Denture Prosthesis

We are fortunate to have our own in-house laboratory where we construct our conventional full and removable partial dentures.  This allows us to create a superior prosthesis tailored to the patient’s requests and needs both in function and esthetics.

Dr. Foust was blessed to have worked alongside Knoxville’s first master certified dental technician (CDT), Mr. Ed Cutshaw.   Ed’s presence in our office laboratory for many years along with his certification in all phases of prosthetic dentistry gifted Dr. Foust with a unique opportunity.  This opportunity allowed him to learn from Ed’s expertise and wisdom of over 50 years in dental prosthetic design and customization creating beautiful smiles with full and partial dentures.    Since Ed retired we have maintained our in-house laboratory by utilizing the talents and expertise of one our dental assistants, Karin.  Her past experience in dental laboratories has made her the perfect fit for our continuing laboratory needs.  (See Karin’s Bio  in “About Us” section)

Screw-Retained Dentures (Hybrid Dentures)

Dentures that can be secured to dental implants allow them to function like natural teeth.  This is a process whereby esthetics and function can be reproduced for our patients creating a more stable prosthesis.  We have seen many denture patients complain with loose or poorly functioning dentures due to the continuation of bone loss over the life of their dentures.  In most cases this complaint cannot be remedied by merely making a “new set”.  For those patients the option of implants and a new hybrid denture allows them to eat and function as with their own natural teeth.

The laboratory we utilize for fabrication of our customized screw-retained dentures is locally owned and operated here in Knoxville.  Their proximity to us allows for a working partnership to personalize each denture both during the treatment planning phase and continuing throughout the actual treatment steps needed for completion of the dentures.