Diagnosis & Treatment Planning

Due to the complexity involved in treatment planning for dental implants many factors have to be considered.  Implants should never be placed until a comprehensive treatment plan and evaluation of the patient’s entire oral condition has been completed.  This plan should always be the determining factor in a decision to proceed with an implant or choose another treatment that would better benefit the patient.  Cone beam technology (a dental CT scan) is one of the state-of-the-art technologies that we use in treatment planning for implants and their placement in our office.


We believe that proper diagnosis and treatment design is the key to success for our patients.  Our training has taught us that diagnosis is 75% of everything we do in a patient-centered practice.  We use several diagnostic tools in our evaluation of every patient and situation before placing an implant.  These always include a cone beam scan, 3-D x-ray evaluation, mounted diagnostic casts, and any additional modality deemed valuable in the patient- specific situation.


We utilize the Biomet-3i system as our primary implant provider because we believe it is the leading system in the field of implant technology. We will continue to advance our knowledge in the field of implant technology as it continues to improve.