Periodontal Care

Gum or periodontal disease in most cases is the result of bacteria being allowed to colonize around the teeth and gums. These bacteria come in many different forms or types with some being more destructive than others. We believe that the treatment of gum disease should focus on the control of bacteria that inhibit the oral cavity.

The body sees teeth that are infected or colonized by bacteria as being a threat to the body. Just as the body attempts to eliminate any invading bacterial infection, it also attempts to eliminate teeth that it sees as a threat. This is the reason that the bone surrounding the teeth deteriorate. The bone that supports and holds the teeth in the mouth eventually deteriorate until the tooth becomes looser and either falls out or has to be extracted.

We believe that the best treatment for gum disease is a process called anti-infective therapy.  This process was developed by Dr. Paul Keyes ( and is often referred to as the Keyes technique.  Our hygienist has been trained and utilizes this philosophy to train our patients how they can eliminate their disease.  She uses a phase contrast microscope along with other modalities to train and treat our patients.

This anti-infective therapy process can in most cases be a substitute for expensive and usually painful surgery.