Dental Implants


Dental implants have many advantages over other solutions for replacing teeth.  They’re the closest solution to our own natural teeth for replacement of missing or extracted teeth.  In some situations a tooth or multiple teeth can be extracted, implants placed and temporary crowns completed all in the same appointment.  An implant actually replaces the root of an extracted or missing tooth helping to prevent the loss of bone that occurs following extractions. The implant becomes the new foundation for the Doctor to rebuild the missing tooth or teeth.

Diagnosis & Treatment Planning

Due to the complexity involved in treatment planning for dental implants many factors have to be considered.  Implants should never be placed until a comprehensive treatment plan and evaluation of the patient’s entire oral condition has been completed.  This plan should always be the determining factor in a decision to proceed with an implant or choose another treatment that would better benefit the patient.  Cone beam technology (a dental CT scan) is one of the state-of-the-art technologies that we use in treatment planning for implants and their placement in our office.


In some dental situations a tooth can actually be replaced the same day of extraction with an immediately loaded implant and a temporary crown. A temporary post and crown is placed on the implant while it is integrating into the bone.  Once the implant is fully integrated, usually in approximately 3-4- months, the permanent crown can be prepared for placement.

The same process can be used to replace multiple teeth in a similar manner.  Again a proper diagnosis and treatment plan is of great importance and must be done before proceeding.


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