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In our dental practice we believe in building meaningful relationships with our patients therefore creating a bond of trust.  We also hope to build a partnership where both of us accept the responsibility to provide and maintain the best possible dental health.

Comprehensive Dental Care

Our patients benefit from our ability to provide them with comprehensive dental care.   With limited and few exceptions we’re able to perform all services in our office without a referral to a specialist.  Our patients tell us they really appreciate having all their dental treatment completed by a doctor and/or his team members they are familiar with and trust.

Dr. Foust and Team

We work together as a team whose focus is to add value to the lives of our patients and each other while striving to love and serve others as Christ loves us.

Thank you for taking time to familiarize yourself with our office. 

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Ron Foust, DDS


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Are braces right for you? Dr. Foust uses a “Zerobase Orthodontic Philosophy” to diagnose and treat.

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Dental implants are the closest solution to our own natural teeth for replacement of missing or extracted teeth.

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The goal of dental ozone is to achieve better outcomes for our patients.

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In our continuous effort to offer you the best care, we have added 2 new technologies.


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