New Patients


New Patients (21 and older)

All new non-emergency adult patients enter our practice through our new patient comprehensive examination appointment with Dr. Foust.   More information about this can be found in the section below “For New Patients, Comprehensive Examination”.  After the appointment is scheduled we will mail the appropriate new patient forms for completion prior to the scheduled appointment.


New Patients (under 21)

When patients under 21 come into the practice for the first time we generally schedule them with our dental hygienist for an examination, cleaning and appropriate x-rays.  After the appointment is scheduled we will mail the appropriate new patient forms for completion prior to the scheduled appointment.

Emergency Treatment - New Patients

We attempt to schedule new patients with an emergency situation as soon as our schedule allows taking into consideration the problem’s urgency.  If time is limited, a work-in appointment can diagnose a problem and offer a temporary solution for patient comfort until our schedule affords ample time for full treatment.  Keep in mind that a new patient entering our practice requires considerable more time to establish records, diagnose and treat in a first appointment situation.   For that reason working a new patient into our schedule must be done at a time that fits into our existing schedule for same day or next day appointments.  We are not an emergency practice, but welcome the opportunity to accommodate you and your needs for emergencies.

Once an emergency situation is resolved we will expect you to schedule a new patient comprehensive exam appointment so we can work together to establish a plan to prevent unnecessary pain and suffering in the future, improve your overall health and save you time and money.  For more information see below “For New Patients, Comprehensive Examination”.


For New Patients - Comprehensive Examination

The new patient examination is the keystone to everything that happens in our relationship-based practice.  It sets the stage for all that follows.  We believe that a good dentist-patient relationship leads to a long term effort of prevention and correction aimed at providing the patient with a lifetime of attractive appearance, comfortable chewing and lowered dental costs.  We use the process of Co-Diagnosis that allows us to become mutually acquainted while discovering together what our patient’s oral health situation is and what they would like for it to be.   We are then able to work together to develop a long-range plan for achieving the desired goals and good dental health for our patient.

Comprehensive Exam

The purpose of our comprehensive exam is to initiate a relationship between the patient and Dr. Foust.  Together they will establish and set goals for a plan to achieve optimum health for the patient.  This is accomplished by diagnosing any oral disease present and/or health problems that need to be addressed. This type of examination provides Dr. Foust with the information he needs to accurately complete a treatment plan to discuss with the patient.

A typical comprehensive examination may consist of all or part of the following services depending on the degree of difficulty of the oral condition and patient requests.

  • Patient/Doctor discussion (purpose for entering the practice & goal clarification)
  • Health and Dental history (review & interview)
  • Blood Pressure (vital signs)
  • Clinical Examination
-Condition of the teeth & existing fillings or dental restorations with decay exam
-Periodontal examination (determines health of the gums & supporting structures)
-Oral Cancer Screening (soft tissue exam)
-Preliminary examination of TMJ/ jaw joints
-Photographs of the teeth & smile
  • X-Rays (based on the patient’s condition & needs)
  • Study Models (plaster molds of the teeth)

Upon completion of the comprehensive exam appointment we will schedule a Review of Findings (ROF) for complex cases at no additional charge.  At this appointment a written individualized treatment plan will be presented that includes any available options. We will explain the plan, answer all questions and address any concerns.  The patient is provided a written copy to take home with treatment procedures and the cost estimates.  For patients with minimal issues we may elect, if time allows, to do the review at the end of the examination appointment.



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